Behind TPFF’s creative production with LUX Events

Behind TPFF’s creative production with LUX Events

Behind TPFF’s creative production with LUX Events


We speak to Lux Events Managing Director, David Trapp, about what it takes to create a powerful runway show.


What was LUX’s favourite moment of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018?

The opening moment of Opening Night is always a favourite as it is the first time the many months of concept development, planning and logistics between our team and TPFF’s creatives are finally realised and on display.

It is the first time we get to share our creative concepts with the industry and public. 


What was your favourite production element / concept that LUX used / produced in the TPFF 2018 Runway events?

The mirrored curved arches on Opening Night that Lux executed for Grant Capriotti and Caterina Scardino worked so well.

They framed the runway with curves, while the existing venue columns (which we also had clad in a mirror finish) vertically divided the centre of the runway, accented by the beam lights, that divided the negative space between these two elements. 

Embracing what would otherwise have been a visual eye-sore and incorporating the room columns into the runway. The mirror finish helped the columns to blend into the ambiance of the room, and was an interesting and effective solution.


What TPFF Runway show was a highlight for LUX to produce while working in conjunction with TPFF’s Project Managers and why?

My favourite runway shows were 20 Years of Fashion (Closing Night) which was banging and full of energy and also 20 Years of Ae’lkemi, which as always, was stunning. The creative was particularly well aligned to the brand this year.

It is hard to single out any individual runway shows though as each had its own strengths and it is the variety that is so rewarding for us.


What does it take to produce an impactful event in Western Australia?


It is a cliché but it is true. Avoiding the mould is key. We are a lifestyle focussed society, so it is a saturated market in events.

We like to push boundaries and take chances.

We believe it is critical for our client’s brand but it is actually just what makes our work rewarding for us too!

Images by Stefan Gosatti. 

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