Runway Hair Trends by L'Oreal Professionel

Runway Hair Trends by L'Oreal Professionel

Runway Hair Trends by L'Oreal Professionel

Scott Sloan, Hair Expo's 2017 NSW - ACT Hairdresser of the Year and TPFF's Hair Creative Director talks to us about the key hair trends that we will see on the runway.

Written by Scott Sloan


"I love the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival- it’s held in one of my favourite cities and it’s so inspiring seeing the fresh creativity on the catwalk every year. This year we will be seeing an evolution of some of the key trends that have been popping up on International runways, yet given a distinctly local influence. All the key trends will be ultra-wearable and adaptable to real life, making them some of the most fun looks for us to create in salon."


Maximum Texture

This look is perfectly suited to Perth as it highlights the natural texture of the hair and embraces the relaxed beachy lifestyle. It’s just stepped off the sand hair, but with a slightly more structured and intentional style. The most important element is a subtle wave with an undone finish, so really messing with and breaking up that curl. Shorter hair can be left quite free, tucked behind the ear where longer hair can be left free or loosely pulled up into low chignons or oversized braids. This look is never harsh and always frames the fame with plenty of movement.

High Shine

There is nothing more glamourous than high shine hair- whether blonde, brunette, redhead or any colour variation in between. It’s the ultimate sign of hair health and makes anyone look more polished and put together. The latest take on it has been dubbed “Glass Hair”- immaculately polished, smooth and as glossy as glass. While it’s not a style per se, it’s immediately recognisable on the catwalk as a very distinctive statement. I also love it as it highlights the models hair colour and cut and it never, ever dates as it suits high fashion as well as it does jeans and a tee. 

Pony Rider

It’s the trend that has more lives than a cat and keeps coming back better than ever- the ponytail. There is a good reason it is such a catwalk staple year after year as it allows the designers to really focus on the collection whilst also adding glamour and movement as the models walk- perfect for when you are wearing that fabulous outfit and want to show it off. Low ponys are the definition of confident style while high, voluptuous ponys are more flirty and fun, allowing the same fundamental look to be so versatile and work across multiple runways. 

Boho Luxe

There is something magical about boho luxe which sets it apart from all the other trends. Essentially comprising of natural texture with the addition of subtle embellishment, the unique combinations transform the hair into something whimsical. There is a simplicity to this trend that is hugely appealing in this time of minimalism and wellness, as it represents less dramatic colouring and styling and highlights the natural beauty of the wearer. The addition of embellishment adds that luxurious element, with typical materials including metallic cords and ribbons woven through plaits, delicate flowers and subtle touches of sparkle and even gemstones. 

Blow Out

It’s a hairstyle as iconic as they come- the classic blow dry. Whereas the old school version was all about maximum volume and exaggerated flicks, the next gen take is a little more subtle and about creating a more personalised lift to the hair. The right blow dry can highlight areas of the face depending on the shape, so it definitely isn’t the one size fits all option it used to be and can be tailored to each and every model. Of all the trends, this may seem the easiest to recreate at home, however nothing will ever compare to the hard arm work put in by your stylists at the salon to get it just right!"

Dynamic design duo - Adrian Norris & Edwina Forest of Aje