Glamour Nail Bar SS18 Nail Trends

Glamour Nail Bar SS18 Nail Trends

Glamour Nail Bar SS18 Nail Trends

Glamour Nail Bar has firmly established itself over the past four years as the "go to" place for visiting celebrities such as Charlotte from "Geordie Shore" and kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson; and as a haven for those who value healthy nail care and  beautiful nail enhancements.

The customer service is impeccable, with the client cares for during the service, and after if any follow up care is necessary.

The two salons in Subiaco and Cockburn Central are ethically stocked with the highest quality cruelty free products and  handmade, vegan spa and with this in mind, Glamour Nail Bar is set to launch their own range of 10 free (no chemical nasties) cruelty free luxury nail lacquer named Clawlicious so get ready to be seduced by this Australian owned, Internationally Adored polish.

As aficionados of unique hand created nail art, those walking the runway or sitting front row consider Glamour as their only destination for beautiful nails on trend with colour and shape, and the ultimate in client care from award winning nail technicians sourced from around the world.


What are the best Spring/Summer 18 trends for nails?

After what feels like the longest, coldest Perth Winter ever, we are so happy to see the emerging of Spring and the return of sunshine; bringing with it the heat, the raw talent, the creativity and the anticipation of the 20th anniversary of TPFF.

Summer in Perth evokes thoughts of long hot lazy days at the beach, the scent of coconut and frangipani, the sound of cicadas and the ocean, the taste of watermelon, white wine and mango. These senses create, for us, the colours of a mermaid blue, the summer seduction of white, nudes of all hues, and the scorch of red.


What colours will we see on the TPFF runway this year? 

Creating colours on nails for a runway is very much about dovetailing with the creative vision of the designer, and linking together hair and makeup designs through strong staple colours such as matte black, gunmetal grey, nude and intense burgundy red.


How does your team get creatively inspired? 

Glamour Nail Bar has three Owner/Directors who have been best friends and business partners for almost ten years; it also employs over 20 staff from around the world, so the creative input is immense, varied and global.

Our creativity is inspired by music festivals, original and ethnic art, ethical kindness, the global diversity of fashion, colour and constant change of patterns and by love for the simplest of things and for admiration for the bold.


Tell us a little bit more about the Fashion Paramount Glamour Nail Bar activation, what can guests anticipate? 

We created Glamour Nail Bar to provide an experience like nowhere else. Our Fashion Paramount nail bar technicians will take your hand and give you a glimpse into that experience with a new colour, a new take on your existing, or the addition of our unique signature feature nail art design created solely for the purveyors of style attending the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.


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