Parker & Co.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is upon us so we spoke to Christian Tana from Parker & Co. about his outlook on men’s fashion and the exciting history-making inclusion of a men’s runway event in this year’s show.

The Parker & Co. Evolution

Parker & Co. was established in 1880 under a different name after two English settlers brought their own style of tailoring to Australian shores. As a result, tailored menswear has been a staple for the brand since its conception. This long-standing heritage has been rooted in a consistent affiliation with and patronage of esteemed individuals — politicians, businessmen and highly influential gentlemen.

The Parker & Co. brand really transformed in the 60s, when they allied with strong English brands to bring quality, ready-made menswear to Perth. In the 80s, styling took another turn as the Italian influence emerged instore, then, in the 90s, smart casual wear began to populate the store.

Today Parker & Co. have combined their two historical specialities and deal in both custom tailoring and quality, ready-made garments for men.

The Technological Fashion Revolution

This year, the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is paying particular attention to the influence of technology on fashion. Tana explained that technology has enabled a revolution in terms of the durability and functionality of quality Australian Marino wool fabrics.

Wool can now be spun to be less absorbent, reducing or completely eliminating the risk of stains and taking form as a lightweight, crease-resistant fabric. As a result, Tana said that Parker & Co. were able to instate “more relevant casual wear” to the men’s market in Perth. This includes the development of “suits to be worn in the hot Perth weather,” said Tana, “So if you standing in a dark suit in the sunlight you won’t get hot in the suit.” The breathability of this technologically improved material enables wool to be used as it has never been used before and has impacted the way we use wool in athletic and leisure wear.

Fine Italian Fashion

Look out for the Zegna brand in this year’s featured Parker & Co. runway event! With over 100 years making luxury menswear, the fabrics used in this brand truly are incomparable. Spun on the border of Switzerland, Zegna wool is washed with water from the Alps and the lightweight Italian ingenuity makes Zegna products irresistible to men living in the hot Australian climate. “The English brands we used to stock were very heavy,” Tana explained, “Perth is warm, therefore we need light fabrics to feel comfortable.” Parker & Co. have been engaging with the Zegna brand since 1962 and now they are the exclusive Australian stockist.

Men’s Fashion at the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

With world class brands, Parker & Co.  are an incomparable provider of luxury menswear in Australia and they continue to pave the way with this year’s inaugural men’s runway event. You will see the best men’s brands from around the world and, with a few surprises up their sleeves (pardon the pun), Tana revelled that audiences will be intrigued by “the casual side of the business – how modern and stunning the clothes are, made from beautiful fabrics and silks.”

Don’t miss the Parker & Co. International Men's Runway show this Wednesday 13 September at Fashion Paramount, Crown Pyramid. Click to buy tickets.

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